Home Video -Stephen Colbert Swears He’s No longer Leaving To “Rescue” CNN

[Show]-Stephen Colbert Swears He’s No longer Leaving To “Rescue” CNN

[Show]-Stephen Colbert Swears He’s No longer Leaving To “Rescue” CNN

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  1. this nitwit is out the door trigger he is closing within the late sign ratings even as you occur to exhaust to can must be educated entertained and giggle glance the #1 sign in late night glance the greg gutfeld sign

  2. Neglected a reliable shaggy dog story with the CNN+ bit — with a programming background, i believed he became gonna recount CNN++

  3. So CNN desires to spoil but every other monumental host's profession?Becoming a member of CNN at this point will seemingly be the the same of asking the captain of the Carpathia to change into the radio operator on the Mammoth after it struck the iceberg.

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