Home Video -Taiwan tensions: China’s industrial espionage against a west

[Sky]-Taiwan tensions: China’s industrial espionage against a west

[Sky]-Taiwan tensions: China’s industrial espionage against a west

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Retired Air Marshall also Old Director of Operations for a Ministry of Defence, Edward Stringer crucial aspects China’s industrial espionage against a west.

He says that Beijing’s copying of western militia technology methodology that our “don’t know” how they review to diverse developed international locations.

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  1. Factual point. China is brandishing weapons that enjoy now not been examined in battle. They’ll fail badly. I pity them. The United States, Europe and Russia is map earlier than them

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  3. When the media open displaying this stuff to all americans on the pointers on china spying us ect….. then know one thing is brewing right by the millitary. ( yes I know lots of of us enjoy identified about this who apply it , however the humble public doesn't survey this stuff except it's on the tips ) .History has been written since 22/02/22

  4. 🐨Nancy Pelosi and Congress in Washington it looks imagine that battle between the United States and China is that you might maybe enjoy of, maybe inevitable, and more than likely even natty. It’s a seductive logic. The larger jam is that; Taiwan by worldwide Decree is China’s territory; The Biden administration also has said Pelosi’s visit would now not signal a shift in its one-China protection, which acknowledges that Taiwan is phase of China, however, if the Democrats and the pentagon are thirsting for battle with China retain selling missile defense programs to Taiwan and send Nancy Pelosi to seal the deal🐔.

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