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[Sky]-Third Quest: Meet 2 hundredth Winged Light✨ | Season of Shattering | sky children of a sunshine | Noob Mode

[Sky]-Third Quest: Meet 2 hundredth Winged Light✨ | Season of Shattering | sky children of a sunshine | Noob Mode

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inside this video, I will steal youre to a third seasonal quest within a season of shattering.
To know extra about Shard occasions

Up to this point costs of cosmetics – Season of Shattering

Hope youre favored this video.
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  1. This day’s shard tournament approximate timings in PDT (fifth of August) 0:44, 02:44, 04:44, 06:44, 08:44, 10:44, 12:44, 14:44, 16:44, 18:44, 20:44, 22:44 – Convert these Pacific Daylight hours Time to your respective Timezones. Day after day time changes!! Whenever you happen to don’t prefer to transform these times, Appropriate the realm gate for crimson shards like 30 minutes once unless you eye one and thats your cue☠️

  2. I bought the winged mild in 2nd quest then I went to Eden lol. Appropriate did third quest right this moment and got the winged lighted from it. And I will be capable to’t return to the 2nd to preserve in mind the lacking one 🥲 can’t open the reminiscence

  3. I in actual fact gather a suggestionAccording to my reminiscence, there was a hidden door within the woodland temple and it was for the thinking spirit's first achieve, so why no longer advise it again but because the pathway to the void where skids can make a selection which reminiscence they prefer to focus on about with.

  4. I sacrificed 4 of my winged mild by saving any individual looking out to relive a spirit within the golden wasteland cuz they kept utilizing their name. And so that they didn’t support retrieve my mild 😤

  5. Am I the most fascinating one who didn't gather any rewards / eden candles after ending the shard quest? I'm hella upset and upset for losing my time and virtually losing some of my wings :/

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