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[Sky]-Touring spirit – Thoughtful Director 💭 | Season of Rhythm | sky children of a sunshine | Noob Mode

[Sky]-Touring spirit – Thoughtful Director 💭 | Season of Rhythm | sky children of a sunshine | Noob Mode

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youre might like entire of 195 candles, 2 ascended candles also 13 hearts.
( 75 candles for a Blue birdie cape, 65 candles for a Xylophone, 42 candles for a owl conceal, 3 candles for a heart, 5+5 candles for 2 blessings, 2 ascended candles for wingbuff also 4+3+6 hearts for emote upgrade – Lvl 2,3 also 4)
Costs has not modified from their old seek a recommendation of with
Blue Birdie Cape Overview https://youtu.become/7-4V2jKM7aY
Hope youre cherished this video.
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Sky children of a sunshine ios/android walkthrough gameplay
Noob Mode
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  1. You wish: 195 candle | 2 red candle | 14 heart Cap: 75 Musican ingredient {disregard his name} : 65 The cloak: 42First emote: free Level 2 emote: 3 heart Level 3: 4 heart Level 4: 4 heart That chances are high you’ll furthermore utilize the cap and the cloak for 127 candle (admire me!) That chances are high you’ll furthermore utilize the musican ingredient (disregard his name) with the cap for:150 candle That chances are high you’ll furthermore utilize the cloak and the musican deem (disregard his name) for:117 candle

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