Home Video -Ukrainian counter offensive ‘most extreme phase of a war’: Gen Jack Keane

[Sky]-Ukrainian counter offensive ‘most extreme phase of a war’: Gen Jack Keane

[Sky]-Ukrainian counter offensive ‘most extreme phase of a war’: Gen Jack Keane

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a Ukrainian counter-offensive to retake a metropolis of Kherson marks doubtlessly a most extreme phase of a war, historical US Military Chief of Crew Identical old Jack Keane says.

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Gen Keane said Ukraine has seized a risk to retake one of a necessary most territory won by Russia.

“They were planning this counter-offensive for weeks,” he informed Sky Files host Andrew Slither.

“They’re within a preparation phase now a assign they’re attempting to conclude down your complete ground traces of verbal replace, namely a bridges that lead into a metropolis inside recount that a metropolis will become isolated.

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“a likely offensive to to find a metropolis itself is coming near near.”

Gen Keane said this offensive could per chance resolve a stability of a war.

“This could lend a hand resolve a conclude result going forward whether this war is going to lean towards Ukraine’s favour or is it going to lead towards a stalemate frozen inside assign – which clearly favours a Russians.”
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  1. There might be no longer a counter offensive. Easiest media dart.Ukraine is now decimated thanks to their harmful regime that prefers to place apart the lives of their folk in jeopardy and harms manner over exact negotiation.West retains pouring fuel onto the fire.Russians aren't experiencing loses the vogue the West media need to circle jerk to. They’ve been in a position to rotate their forces with out a doubt.I don't perceive disarray with Russian models. They are in exact uncover.The media is constructing a huge card of lies.They huge up the Ukrainian regime admire they are rock smartly-known person lustrous mild of democracy when with out a doubt they dangle got cracked down on free expression, all opposition groups and toughen A ways Fair exact Neo Nazis.How a long way the West has fallen with their mental deficiency believing in bullshit and now no longer being in a position to discern it from exact truth.On the toddle the west media were going on about Russian losses, Ukraine can also mild were on Moscow's doorstep by now.This might well extra possible finish up a rump snort with the complete East in Russian hands and lower off from entry to the ocean.🙄

  2. that is liable to be a four smartly-known person overall , ive talked some crap to the mind washed loads i procure they think me wheres my cheque . weve killed a terrorist that the american goverment dangle funded for years to make some dirty work so we can up the approval rating of that nick biden , we dangle lined up the warfare crimes of ukraine that has raped , abused , and tortured civilians for the final 8 years since we led a coup so we might well put apart our have puppet in and commit warfare crimes . we dangle helpe ukraine by supplying them with extra militia equipment funded by the taxpayer that they’ll also sell on the dusky market . now we the american goverment the easiest doable be concerned within the arse the world has ever seen are going to get some hollywood script writers in to make up some fairy tales about china so we can define sticking our noses in all another time . we the american goverment applaud you the mind washed loads for believing yet one more loaD of archaic bollocks and most critically as a four smartly-known person puppet overall WHERES MY CHEQUE .

  3. Dart is a warmongering pos. This counter-offensive yarn is TOTAL NONSENSE. WESTERN GOVERNMENTS AND MEDIA ARE LIARS. This American is a LIAR. He talks as if the easiest outcomes of this warfare are both Ukrainian victory or a stalemate. Meanwhile, the Russians buy extra and extra territory and the Ukrainian forces are on the verge of collapse.

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