Home Video -He Spent $100,000 on Diablo Immortal.. Blizzard Responds to Him

[TV]-He Spent $100,000 on Diablo Immortal.. Blizzard Responds to Him

[TV]-He Spent $100,000 on Diablo Immortal.. Blizzard Responds to Him

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Asmongold Reacts to Diablo Immortal participant who spent $100,000 also wanted to refund all of it. What came about for a reason that closing video?
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  1. Asmon as prolonged as we're within the arguements and controversies of it all., it is foremost to soundless blatantly assert that you just're also a “whale”. Dude I changed into as soon as watching your stream 6 yrs within the past sooner than I joined the marine corps and youve gotten MASSIVE. That you just might perhaps additionally very properly be RAKING IN the money. It's now not a base part or whatever nonetheless it is foremost to soundless add the two cents that you just're a share of this neighborhood

  2. If blizzard made it so there changed into as soon as a cozy cap for p2w viability, this might perhaps now not be a field, nonetheless they needed to milk it and weren't willing to entertain the oil sheiks

  3. ASMON idk if he ever reads this nonetheless Theres a novel field on Vampire Survivors!IN THE BONE ZONE AND IT IS FUCKING HARDprobably essentially the most subtle part atm within the game if im now not incorrect tho i also can beNEW CONTENT

  4. My most indispensable say with this guy is that he keeps calling it “investing”. You “gave” $100k. No longer invested. You aren't getting anything else out of it moreover pixels.

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