Home Video -Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Consult with Amid Tensions With China | NDTV 24×7...

[TV]-Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Consult with Amid Tensions With China | NDTV 24×7 Dwell TV

[TV]-Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Consult with Amid Tensions With China | NDTV 24×7 Dwell TV

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  1. N ancy & Paul P elosi collectively include made “insane”earnings within the financial markets… many a cases “better at picking stocks” than Wa rren Bu ffet himself….. between then they true include a broadcast procure worth of true $ 201 million…. outstanding isn't it ? or is it ?? :)…. surprise what the CALL and PUT were true the relaxation 24 hours !

  2. China Looks Very Very Feeble Pronouncing they are going to shoot down Nancy's plane and then she flies into TAIWAN and then Out solely Untouched..

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