Home Video -Shahmeer Ke Hathon Se Begunah Ka Khoon…. Badshah Begum – HUM TV

[TV]-Shahmeer Ke Hathon Se Begunah Ka Khoon…. Badshah Begum – HUM TV

[TV]-Shahmeer Ke Hathon Se Begunah Ka Khoon…. Badshah Begum – HUM TV

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Shahmeer Ke Hathon Se Begunah Ka Khoon…. Badshah Begum – HUM TV

Produced by Rafay Rashdi also MD Productions for HUM TV, Badshah Begum is now not any longer your regular walk-of-a-mill also broken-down mainstream studies. a drama is determined inside a fictional advise of Peeraan Pur, under a rule of Pir Shah Alam who has 5 young folks from two another halves; Shahzeb, Murad, Jahan Ara, Roshan Ara also Shahmir.

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When undesired conditions power his city-born also raised young folks Jahan Ara, Roshan also Shahmir to their fatherland, they get themselves tangled inside powerplay also politics that they under no conditions wished to become a chunk of. What follows inside an memoir yarn of dynastic politics, sibling contention also anarchy.

Written by Saji Gul, directed by Khizer Idress, Badshah Begum boasts a stellar solid comprising a replace’s most curious Zara Noor Abbas, Farhan Saeed, Ali Rehman, Yasir Hussain, Abul Hassan, Komal Mir, Hiba Aziz, Tanya Hussain, Hamza Sohail, Shahzad Nawaz, Saman Ansari also others. a serial airs every Tuesday at 8 pm.

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Creator: Saji Gul
Director: Khizer Idrees
Producer: Rafay Rashdi also MD Productions

Solid :
Zara Noor Abbas
Farhan Saeed
Ali Rehman
Yasir Hussain
Abul Hassan
Komal Mir
Hiba Aziz
Tanya Hussain
Hamza Sohail
Shahzad Nawaz
Saman Ansari also others.

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